Membership Rates:

Joint at the same address£8.00
Under 18£0.00

Membership Information

Membership allows you to become involved in influencing decisions taken about our town, learn more about it and meet people with similar interests.

We have monthly meetings featuring people speaking on a wide range of topics, for example "The Bramley Line", "Street Pride and Friends of March Station" and "Seventeenth Century Buildings". There is an entry fee of £3.00 for each of these, to cover the cost of the speaker, tea, coffee and biscuits, but membership brings a discount and you pay only £2.00.

We have had a walk along West End, led by Edna Stacey (archivist at March Museum), which was excellent.

Once a year we visit another historic town such as King's Lynn to widen our architectural and historical perspective.

Membership runs from September to August.

If you would like to join us, just come to one of the meetings featured on the home page or email us.